TOWN IN TURMOIL : Fans and officials vented anger online

HUCKNALL Town's Watnall Road ground
HUCKNALL Town's Watnall Road ground

SUPPORTERS of Hucknall Town vented their anger at the ousting of chairman Steve Greaves by posting messages on the fans’ forum website and via Twitter and Facebook.

The comments included ones from the club’s previous chairman, Dave Gamble, who succeeded Brian Holmes in 2009, and from Greaves’s new commercial manager, ex-taxi guru Ian Brough.

Gamble appeared to signal he had finished with the club when he posted this Facebook message: “Struggling to comprehend what’s happened at Hucknall Town FC. Hope the new people have deep pockets. See ya”.

While Brough issued several defiant posts, including one that said: “It’s a sad day and could spell the beginning of the end.”

Brough joked: “Apparently Asda has shown an interest in a plot of wasteland in Hucknall, although they are slightly concerned about what is buried under a field which was once used for football. Lol.”

Brough was also highly critical of the approach president Holmes took at last Sunday’s meeting.

“To hear him talk, the club don’t need fans. He describes your thoughts on the fans’ forum as b*****s and you are just ‘the gate’.

“Brian talked in a pompous manner. I call for an inquiry into the finances and the way people are paid up there. Absolute disgrace. The club deserve better but they will have to stay with what they’ve got.”

During his brief spell working for Greaves on behalf of Town, Brough set up a few potential sponsorship deals. But he claimed these were now in jeopardy because of Greaves’s exit.

One company, Plains Services, also used Facebook to say: “Today’s decision will see the end of this club. It is being run into the ground .

“We won’t be investing our sponsorship in the disaster that is Hucknall Town. Shame as we were looking forward to it.”

At least two Town players posted messages on Twitter. Goalkeeper James Lindley said: “Disappointed to hear the result of the vote. So what happens now?”

And player/coach Craig Armstrong tweeted: “What’s going at Hucknall Town with Steve Greaves voted out? All the boys are annoyed and disappointed. Two steps forward. three back.”

Among the fans keen to have their say were Graham Conway, Ian Hutchinson, Pete Lee and Tony T.

Conway said: “I am done with the club until things get sorted. I can’t support a club without direction and vision. The whole meeting was a farce.”

Hutchinson said: “They are living in the past and scared of change. While Brian Holmes is still in the background, it will never change, especially when he is still pulling strings through her (Liz Morley). Will look forward to seeing some new houses being built where Hucknall Town FC once stood.”

Lee spoke for many when tweeting simply: “I fear for the club now”.

And Tony T said: “The powers-that-be don’t give a monkey’s about the football side of the operation. The lack of ambition and crass decision-making beggars belief. The fans have been led a merry dance by those in charge.”