TOWN IN TURMOIL: Greaves urges Lyttle to carry on as manager

DES Lyttle has disclosed that outgoing chairman Steve Greaves urged him to carry on as manager at Hucknall Town.

And Lyttle now wants Michael Johnson to stay with the club too.

“It’s disappointing that they couldn’t all work together,” said the ex-Nottingham Forest right-back. “It’s a shame.

“I saw Steve’s proposals for the club, and they were good proposals in terms of moving the club forward.

“I don’t know why things got so sour between Steve and Liz (chief executive Liz Morley). Things all looked great when I came in October.

“Steve has told me to carry on and try to take the club forward, so that’s where I stand.

“The players are behind me, without a doubt. All the lads are together. They like the way the team are going. We have a good squad.

“The camaraderie within the squad is good and we don’t want to spoil that. We want to carry on this season and, hopefully, build the foundations for next season too.

“The boys just want to play football and get paid on time. If they are happy, I am happy.

“If there wasn’t a playing budget in place, it would be hard to keep the players and hard to carry on.”

With regard to Johnson, Lyttle accepts he is in a difficult position because he is friends with both Morley and Greaves and arrived at the club intrinsically linked to the Greaves vision.

“Everyone at the club wants Jonno to stay,” said The Yellows chief. “But he is stuck in the middle. He came with Steve as part of a package.”