Williams maintains ‘king of carp’ crown

Dave Williams' giant carp
Dave Williams' giant carp

EXPERT Hucknall fisherman Dave Williams is well-versed in reeling in whopping fish, as any regular reader of the Dispatch will know.

But even he was delighted when he hooked this impressive mirror carp — weighing in at 34lb 8oz — at Blue Pool near Reading.

It was just four ounces away from being his new personal best for a mirror carp caught in Britain, although he has regularly caught more weighty specimens in France.

Williams (51), of Stainsborough Road, has been fishing since the age of five and caught the carp using his tried and tested bait of off-the-shelf sweetcorn.

He also landed a hefty common carp, weighing 28lb 12oz, on the same trip.

“I had seen a really large fish when we arrived,” said Williams, who works as a coppersmith. “But I didn’t spot it until a couple of days into the trip when I made the big catch.

“I was really pleased, I was tempted to leap into the water but I realised I didn‘t have any spare clothes!

“I used sweetcorn again. Some people have some weird and wonderful combinations of bait, but I think it is all down to perseverance to land the big fish.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Dave Williams with his latest big catch.