Wood wins as Maude enjoy best ever match

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James Maude Angling Club enjoyed their best ever match as Kyle Wood came close to breaking the club record at the Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries.

A prolific fishery that can produce massive weights, the 24 Maude members ended the day with a combined club weight of 2,386lb 4oz from Glebe Lakes four, five and six, 10 of them doing the ton.

Wood, falling short of a new club record, topped the scales with 184lb 3oz on top two and two with his paste attack from lake seven peg 109.

Second place went to Dave Johnson, who fished caster/pellet shallow from peg 92 lake six for 158lb 2oz while Dave Sewell, fishing from favoured peg 86 on lake six, weighed a commendable 148lb 4oz for third.

Sean Hanrahan fished a great match from peg 76 lake five, finishing in ninth place with his first ever ton weight with James Maude.

Catchweights (Saturday 5th July, 6hrs): Lake 5: Kev Brown 121lb-9oz peg 82,Sean Hanrahan 118lb-1oz peg 76, Pete Lambert 98lb-10oz peg 78, Tony Smith 96lb-1oz peg 85, Paul Skeldon 80lb-7oz peg 81, Shaun Green 74lb-2oz peg 79, Billy Harrison 46lb-9oz peg 83. Lake 6: Dave Johnson 158lb-2oz peg 92, Dave Sewell 148lb-4oz peg 86, Terry Wiggins 130lb-13oz peg 87, Andy Topham 130lb-8oz peg 89, Terry Cheeseman 98lb-12oz peg 97, Dean Collingham 72lb-1oz peg 90, Lawrence Butcher 51lb-1oz peg 95, Lenny Burton 41lb-12oz peg 93. Lake 7: Kyle Wood 184lb-3oz peg 109, Ian Carr 146lb-11oz peg 107, Johnny Evans 140lb-12oz peg 100, Dave Lilliman 117lb-1oz peg 102, Nick Heath 92lb peg 104, Alan Slack 64lb-6oz peg 106, Brian Cox 62lb-11oz peg 98, Pete Jackson 59lb-15oz peg 105, Gary Butcher 54lb-13oz peg 101.