Yellows’ olive branch to fans

CONCERNED Hucknall Town have extended an olive branch to fans, who have been disgruntled by the ousting of owner and potential club-saviour Steve Greaves.

Many supporters were angered by the exit of Greaves, less than four months after he had taken over the club and promised to revive its flagging fortunes.

And they made their feelings known on Town’s unofficial fans’ forum website. Many even threatened to desert the club and boycott home matches.

But The Yellows invited a selected band of supporters to a meeting with club officials on Thursday night last week in a bid to repair the damage.

And chief executive Liz Morley has made it clear that Town “do not want to lose any fans”.

“The meeting was a first step by the new committee and chairman to try and resolve certain issues among fans who have regularly expressed concerns and opinions,” she said.

“Only four turned up. But we let them ask questions and make their criticisms.

“I think they left feeling more positive, so it was well worth it.

“It was an attempt to rebuild relations with those on the unofficial forum who have become disillusioned with the club.”

Reinstated chairman Brian Holmes has made it clear the club will no longer engage with the unofficial fans’ forum. He says he is exasperated by some of the malicious and misleading comments posted.

But through the Pitchero network, the club have set up a new website, which will include its own fans’ forum. And Holmes himself has promised to post a weekly ‘Chairman’s Blog’ to keep supporters informed.

“Some supporters are going to take a lot of convincing but we are well up to the challenge,” said Morley.

“For every negative comment that might be posted on the unofficial forum, we receive positive comments from people in and around the club.”

Meanwhile Morley has heaped praise on Holmes for stepping up to the chairman’s plate again in the club’s hour of need.

“Brian has provided the club with some great memories over the years,” she said. “He is a football man through and through.

“He has continued to provide security for the club. But for his intervention and commitment last summer, there wouldn’t be a club for anyone to argue over at all.

“The role of chairman is a bit of a poisoned chalice. You will never be able to please all fans all the time.

“Managers come and go for many reasons. Appointments, resignations and sackings will always be open to debate at all levels of football.

“Unfortunately, that is football. It comes with the territory.”