Backtracking: 10 year-old boy found drowned in River Trent amongst the Hucknall Dispatch headlines for 26th June 1964

HEADLINERS -- ten-year-old Bulwell boy Kevin Newton is found DROWNED in the River Trent after he disappeared during an adventure trip.

Monday, 23rd June 2014, 5:00 pm

A verdict of death by misadventure is recorded at an inquest on Kevin and Nottingham Deputy Corner F.Davis warns about the dangers of BATHING in the Trent.

The body of a man found in a railway TUNNEL in Alfreton proves to be that of Levison Myers, a 67-year-old retired miner, of Sherwood Street, Annesley Woodhouse.

Mr Myers was last seen by his family more than a week ago and he is believed to have been hit by a TRAIN.

A 68-year-old retired miner, Jarvis Hoten, is found DEAD at his home on Fraser Street, Newstead.

A post-mortem shows that death was due to natural causes and there is no inquest.

While a Bulwell family are out, their nine-year-old pet dog, LADDIE, dies in a fire at the house on Gilead Street.

At a meeting of Newstead Area Road Safety Committee, it is reported that 19 road ACCIDENTS -- one of them fatal -- have occurred in the area between February 25 and May 17.

But police commander Insp H.C.Brown says the picture is ‘not too bad’. He points out that the death crash happened on a notorious BEND on the A60 road in foggy weather.

Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock hits out at the Tory Government for closing RAILWAY LINES irrespective of social consequences in the areas they serve.

HELICOPTERS which have become a familiar sight over Hucknall are put through an endurance programme to test Rolls-Royce Gazelle engines which power them.

Hucknall Chamber of Trade oppose a National Coal Board plan to extend DIRT TIPS at Hucknall and Linby Colleries.

Members say it would mean another FOUR MILLION tons of rubbish being tipped on the spoilbanks, which are already causing a nuisance to Hucknall people.

An argument at the BREAKFAST table leads to a 28-year-old Hucknall man facing a charge of assault on his 23-year-old wife.

He is FINED £10 with five guineas costs and bound over in the sum of £25 to keep the peace for 12 months.

A court hears that the couple were having breakfast when the husband knocked over a bottle of MILK. He began to laugh but his wife was not as amused as he was.

After an argument, the husband lost his temper and hit his wife in the face, causing her NOSE to bleed. He then hit her in the eye and kicked her in the back.

The court hears that the WIFE did not want to bring proceedings but the police had already taken action.

A 47-year-old antique dealer is given a 21-month jail sentence for trying to swindle a Hucknall BOOKMAKER.

He is said to have presented a FORGED slip for a ‘treble’ which would have won £52 for a ten shllling stake.

Speaking in Bulwell, Tom Lynch, president of the National Union of Small Shopkeepers, calls for local authorities to introduce a full-scale CLEAN FOOD campaign.

He says the union is also urging the Minister of Health to bring in a law banning DOGS from shops.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- the chairman of North Nottingham Labour Party, Bernard Simms, of Hucknall, accuses the Conservatives of lacking the COURAGE to put up candidates in their own colours at local elections.

Parents who go out enjoying themselves while their CHILDREN roam the streets come under fire from Geoffrey Spencer, a presiding magistrate at Nottingham Juvenile Court, in a talk to Hucknall Rotary Club.

The title of DOG OF THE YEAR is awarded to an Alsatian owned by Sidney Greaves, of Leonard Street, Bulwell.

The dog, Stevanna Sulton of Evesyde, was taking part in the ALSATIAN League Club of Great Britain’s annual show at Alexandra Palace, London.

‘Samson and the Seven Miracles’, starring Gordon Scott as the Biblical strong man, can be seen at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

Cowboy Cassidy is to take on John Rawlings in a WRESTLING tournament at Kirkby Festival Hall, advertised in the Dispatch.

A ‘MARRIAGE’ of country and western music to American square dancing is launched at Bulwell Liberal Club on Highbury Road.

A party of teenagers from Basford Hall Boys’ Club have a visit UNDERGROUND at Babbington Colliery, near Bulwell.

COURT -- desperate because he had ‘a thousand and one DEBTS’, a Bulwell man broke into the gas meter at his home to get cash.

NAMES -- the latest heat winner in a competition to choose a queen for Hucknall Round Table’s CARNIVAL on August Bank Holiday Monday is TERESA TAYLOR, a 19-year-old machinist, of Henry Street, Hucknall.

The death occurs at the age of 74 of well-known milkman ALF TERRY, of Hazel Street, Bulwell. Alf used to deliver his milk in a large churn.

Formerly a National Coal Board official in Hucknall, WILFRED KNIGHT (40), is appointed agent-manager at Gedling Colliery, one of the biggest pits in the East Midlands, which produces over a millions tons of coal a year.

SPORT -- Papplewick and Linby Cricket Club bowler B.Yates takes EIGHT wickets for NINE runs to skittle out Hucknall Methodists for only 28 runs at Papplewick Hall.

The secretary of Notts Football Association, George Ward, hits out at players who indulge in GAMESMANSHIP.