Backtracking: The Hucknall Dispatch headlines from 3rd July 1964

HEADLINERS -- a 35-year-old Bulwell man is sent for trial at Nottinghamshire Quarter Sessions, charged with SETTING FIRE to two chairs at his home.

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Magistrates hear that the man had kept a notebook listing domestic troubles in his life and containing a threat of SUICIDE.

Local MPs seek a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Ernest Marples,, to voice concern about plans to close RAILWAY STATIONS, including Hucknall Byron, Bulwell Market, Linby and Newstead West.

Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock claims the closures would cause extreme HARDSHIP to passengers who use the stations.

COAL output in the No 6 (Bestwood) Area of the National Coal Board’s East Midlands Division for the past week totals 143,023 tons.

Motorcyclist John Shepherd and his pillion passenger, Henry Cooke, both of Bestwood Estate, each suffers a BROKEN LEG in a collision with a car.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- traditional maypole and country dancing are features of the annual Linby and Papplewick parish GARDEN FETE at Papplewick Hall.

The rector, the Rev L.R.Barker, says funds for the event are much needed for restoration work at ST JAMES’S CHURCH, Papplewick.

A widespread ‘superstition’ that the church should not be mixed up in POLITICS is quite unrealistic, says the vicar of St Matthew’s, Bestwood Estate, the Rev R.J.Dunford.

He believes the Christian faith has much to say about how and for what we are GOVERNED.

SECURITY both national and international will be a big issue at the next General election, says Peter Fry, prospective Conservative candidate for Nottingham North, which includes Hucknall and Bulwell.

He claims electors have to decide whether they wish to be entirely dependent on the UNITED STATES to defend Britain against aggression.

“In a rapidly-changing world where total destruction could be just FOUR MINUTES away, it is vital that we retain some control over our own destiny,” says Mr Fry.

He adds: “By possessing an effective NUCLEAR DETERRENT, we ensure that our point of view is always heard at conference tables.”

Basford Rural Council discuss buying four unoccupied COTTAGES on Main Street, Linby, together with an acre of land at the back of the properties, for £250 and producing a plan to modernise the buildings.

The East Midlands Gas Board agrees to provide a supply to 60 HOUSES in Papplewick Village.

A Bulwell man who does not want to be identified wins £500 in the PREMIUM BONDS June draw.

Annesley Miners Welfare women’s section hold a QUIZ NIGHT and the event ends with old-time dancing.

The vicar of Cinderhill, the Rev C.V.Miles, acts as his own opener at the annual church GARDEN PARTY.

A new 19-INCH TV can be bought for as little as eight shillings and sixpence a week from Ideal Electric on Main Street, Bulwell, a Dispatch advert proclaims.

Another ad urges readers to stock up on COAL now and save 30 shillings per ton on winter prices.

A Dispatch letter-writer with the pseudonym ‘Student’ says life is better under the CONSERVATIVES.

He writes: “Unemployment is almost down to ZERO, people are well-dressed and fed, and they have longer holidays and shorter hours of work.”

‘Student’ adds: “To return a Labour government would be like buying A PIG IN A POKE.”

Thirty-one blind people and their guides from Hucknall and district enjoy an outing to SKEGNESS.

A meeting is held with a view to forming a YOUNG CONSERVATIVE branch in Hucknall.

PEOPLE -- Hucknall bride MAUREEN THORPE is pictured with a radiant smile after her wedding at the town’s Parish Church to ERIC KIRK, of Kirkby Woodhouse.

Yet another heat winner in Hucknall Round Table’s Carnival Queen competition is ANNE JENKINS, a 19-year-old Papplewick receptionist.

Mr and Mrs F.L.HIBBERT announce their retirement as newsagents on Watnall Road, Hucknall, after 43 years and say the business is now under new ownsership.

COURT -- a 14-year-old boy admits at a juvenile court that he fired an AIRGUN at another boy of the same age.

The court hears that the victim spent 11 day in hospital and a pellet was removed from his EYE.

SPORT -- Hucknall Cricket Club batsman E.C. ‘CIS’ RHODES follows up a brilliant century with knocks of 71 not out and 70 against Sneinton and Waverley.

Notts County footballer GERRY CARVER presents a trophy to the Hucknall St Paul’s team at a dinner and dance held by the Notts Sunday League.