Nostalgia: Here’s what made the news in Huckhall Dispatch 50 years ago

HEADLINERS -- a police officer is suffering violent pains to the head as a result of being kicked when a BRAWL broke out in Hucknall, a court is told.

Wednesday, 28th May 2014, 4:24 pm

Four men are remanded in custody by magistrates in connection with the melee, which is described as a VERY SERIOUS disturbance.

A Hucknall man was struck by part of a PINT GLASS which shattered when another man, in a fit of temper, threw it against a wall in a pub, another court hears.

The man who hurled the glass pleads not guilty to unlawfully WOUNDING the victim and says it was an accident.

Bestwood Parish Council complain about obnoxious SMELLS from a burning Hucknall Urban Council refuse tip near the village.

The parish council chairman, Coun Margaret Mayes, says the stench is SHOCKING.

Some people say the British are SPOON-FED with too much money doled out in allowances, benefits and pensions, says Bulwell Communist John Peck.

But he claims the truth is that the concept of the Government being a GOOD SAMARITAN to people in need has never been carried out in practice.

Mr Peck makes these comments in a TALK to Bulwell No 1 Old Age Pensioners’ Association.

Meanwhile, Hucknall and Bulwell Labour MP William Whitlock tells the constituency Labour Party that after 17 years of Tory rule, our economy is balanced on a RAZOR EDGE.

He says: “How much more magnificent now appear the efforts of the post-war LABOUR Government which took over a country bankrupt and bereft of its export trade by the most costly war in history.”

A Bulwell man makes an angry complaint after receiving a bill from the East Midlands Electricity Board for money stolen by an intruder from the electricity METER at his home.

Recommendations to raise the SPEED LIMIT on three stretches of road in Hucknall are strongly opposed by councillors for the town.

The sites are ANNESLEY ROAD from Wighay Road southwards, Nottingham Road to Broomhill Road and Watnall Road from the boundary with Ruffs Drive.

Coun Bernard Simms says increasing the speed limit on Annesley Road from 30mph to 40mph would be absolutely SILLY.

Independent member Coun Eric Morley says a decision by the Labour-controlled Hucknall Urban Council to bar the public and press from a discussion about central heating for prefab homes in the town was like a PUPPET SHOW.

Fourteen cases of SCARLET FEVER were reported in Hucknall during April, the town’s council is told.

WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE -- members of Linby Parish Council express concern that proposed changes to POSTAL deliveries in the village could lead to a poorer service.

The CHOIR of St Mary and St Anne’s School in Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, travel to Bulwell to sing Evensong and give a recital at St John’s Church.

Angela Younge, daughter of the Rev Charles Younge, vicar of St John’s, is a PUPIL at the school.

Several members of Bulwell’s Highbury Vale Boys’ Club spend Whitsuntide at an international youth hostel in Scheveningen, HOLLAND.

The impressively-named FABULOUS COMANCHES band appear at the Church Hall on Ogle Street, Hucknall.

In a talk about commercial TV to Bestwood Estates Community Association, a speaker says ADVERTISING is strictly controlled to six minutes an hour.

A British comedy about pirates on the high seas, ‘Carry On Jack’ is showing at the BYRON CINEMA in Hucknall.

NAMES -- a romance which started at Hucknall Old People’s Social Centre leads to the wedding of AGNES BROWN and LEVI CHADBURN at the town’s Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.

Agnes and Levi, both Hucknall residents in their seventies, were CHILDHOOD FRIENDS but saw little of each other after leaving school.

After both lost their marriage partners, they started attending OLD-TIME DANCES at he centre and it was there that they renewed their acquaintance.

The new Bulwell Salvation Army officers, Major GWEN WYATT and Lieut AUDREY BIRSTALL, keep right up to date with the generation of mods.

This is because they make their calls on a trendy Triumph Tina MOTOR SCOOTER.

Seventeen-year-old SHARON EYRES is crowned May Queen of Bulwell St Albans Ward Labour Party. COURT -- a 26-year-old man caught by a policeman in the grounds of a Bulwell FACTORY is said to have told the officer: “I have got as much right as you to try the locks round here.”

A Linby youth is fined £2 by magistrates for throwing a SNOWBALL which broke a window of a cafe on the town’s Annesley Road.

He tells the court: “I was just throwing snowballs up the road for fun and one of them went OFF COURSE.”

SPORT -- Bestwood Colliery Cricket Club suffer their FIRST DEFEAT of the season in the Notts Amateur League, losing at home to Shepshed by three wickets.

In their first season together, Bulwell football team BROOKLYN UNITED celebrate winning the division four championship of the Nottingham District League.