Kate Clover gig is a must-see at Nottingham Chameleon this autumn

Kate Clover

Kate Clover performs in Nottinghamshire in October (Photo by Allan Wan)
Kate Clover performs in Nottinghamshire in October (Photo by Allan Wan)

Nottingham Chameleon, October 21.

Kate Clover is a songwriter and musician from Los Angeles who will be performing four select UK dates later this year, including a visit to Nottinghamshire.

From the local lineage of bands like X, Germs, and The Gun Club, to the glamorous destitution of the downtown streets, Clover is inspired by the city that raised her, exploring the intricacies of self-discovery, self-creation, and self-preservation in the place where dreams are born to die.

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    With the livewire energy and crackling force of defiant fists raised in the air, Clover’s music is the rallying cry of a natural born killer.

    Leading an ace band of rangy, rowdy boys, Clover cuts an electric figure – a next-gen underground hero for the would-be believers.

    Earning a reputation for explosive live shows, Clover spent 2019 hitting the road with Death Valley Girls, Crocodiles, King Dude and SadGirl.

    After independently releasing her first single that same year, Clover’s next offering was an EP titled Channel Zero, followed by her debut album Bleed Your Heart Out earlier this year.

    Clover is growing her reputation as a live performer all the time. Don’t out on seeing her in action.

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    Photo credit: Allan Wan