Nottingham Metronome gig for indie star Stella Donnelly in November

Stella Donnelly

By Steve Eyley
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 7:04 pm
See Stella Donnelly at Nottingham Metronome in Nottingham.
See Stella Donnelly at Nottingham Metronome in Nottingham.

Nottingham Metronome, November 8.

Alternative indie musician Stella Donnelly will perform music from her new album Flood when she visits the city centre venue later this year.

Like the many banded stilts that spread across the cover of her newest album Flood, Stella Donnelly is wading into uncharted territory.

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    Here, she finds herself discovering who she is as an artist among the flock, and how abundant one individual can be. Flood is Donnelly’s record of this rediscovery: the product of months of risky experimentation, hard moments of introspection, and a lot of moving around.

    Donnelly’s early reflections on the relationship between the individual and the many can be traced back to her time in the rainforests of Bellingen, where she took to birdwatching as both a hobby and an escape in a border-restricted world.

    Details: For more on tickets for the gig, you can go to