Out of this world arena show in store with Professor Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox – Horizons

By Steve Eyley
Friday, 8th July 2022, 12:00 am
See Professor Brian Cox at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.
See Professor Brian Cox at Motorpoint Arena Nottingham.

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham, September 12.

Star broadcaster Professor Brian Cox is back on the road with a new arena show for 2022, having set two Guinness World Records with his previous sell-out world tour.

The new show is called Horizons: A 21st Century Odyssey.

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    Horizons takes audiences on a dazzling cinematic journey; a story of how we came to be and what we can become. Using state of the art LED screen technology, arenas will be filled with images of far-away galaxies, alien worlds, supermassive black holes and a time before the Big Bang.

    Horizons is a celebration of our civilisation, of our music, art, philosophy and science; an optimistic vision of our future if we continue to explore nature with humility and to value ourselves and our fellow human beings.

    Brian will once again be joined by co-host of The Infinite Monkey Cage and award-winning comedian Robin Ince, perhaps the only collection of sentient atoms in the observable Universe capable of overseeing a Q&A with an audience of 10,000 people while wearing an old cardigan.

    Details: For more on ticket availability for this rearranged show, you can go to www.motorpointarenanottingham.com

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