Confidence-building week for Hucknall academy’s new starters

Summer school at The National Church of England Academy'Hucknall
Summer school at The National Church of England Academy'Hucknall

Starting a new school can be nerve-wracking.

New faces, teachers’ names to remember, unfamiliar buildings to find your way around - and that’s even before you start learning subjects which you may never have tackled before.

It must be a daunting prospect for some new starters taking up their places in the county’s schools this month.

But not at The National Church of England Academy in Hucknall.

The school took great steps to ensure that their new starters are well-equipped for the challenges which lie aheadd.

A summer scheme was held over the holidays to build the youngsters’ confidence and help them make new friends - so that come the start of term they would feel more relaxed about starting a new school.

Two of the highlights were crime investigation and circus skills in a week which included baking and sports.

The CSI team gave the youngsters crime scenes to detect, footprint casts to make and fingerprints to take.

Circus skills was a great source of entertainment as everyone learned how to juggle, walk on stilts and spin plates.

The fun and friendship sessions culminated in a celebration attended by parents. The pupils gave presentations of their activities, showed a video of their escapades and all tucked into home-made cakes.

This year’s intake at The National Academy can approach life in their new school with confidence and with new friends to support them.