Catch music legend Joe Brown’s 60th anniversary tour at Mansfield Palace Theatre

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British music legend Joe Brown will be rocking out at Mansfield Palace Theatre on October 8 as part of his latest tour so make sure you get your tickets nice and early to catch him in action.

The inimitable performer celebrates 60 years in the business with a brand new band and 43 UK dates.

What you see is what you get…so what do you see with Joe is a cheeky smile, a spiky haircut, a bloke who is definitely a survivor.

He’s passed through more genres and vagaries of the music industry than you can shake a stick at and he’s still here, with the same haircut and a youthful effervescence (at a mere 78) and still selling out shows across the UK.

Joe Brown’s first group was a skiffle band, until he heard Little Richard, then rock ‘n roll was the only way.

The Beatles supported him and George Harrison became a lifelong friend. Joe’s first big hit saved his life – it took him off on a solo tour (otherwise he’d have been in the car crash that killed Eddie Cochran). Several big hits later he was established and Joe Brown and The Bruvvers became a 60s household name.

Now, six decades later, Joe is still making great music, pulling the crowds and doing what he does best – performing live.

His last tour was a solo trip down memory lane combining stories from his past with great playing abetted by old friend and special guest Henry Gross. This 60th anniversary tour sees him back on the road with a full band.

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