The Mission to play Rock City on new European tour

The Mission will play Rock City next year
The Mission will play Rock City next year

Gothic rock stalwarts The Mission are live in Nottingham next May on their United European Party Tour.

Frontman Wayne Hussey has announced the new dates while still in the throes of his own solo tour.

The tour will see Wayne joined by original Mission members Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler, while drummer Mike Kelly has been with the band since 2011.

Wayne said: "Having just toured Europe it strikes me that one thing that unifies people of any and every culture and race is music.

"It brings people together to celebrate, to commune, to share the experience.

"This is why I’ve named the tour The United European Party Tour.

"Less a political statement, although my personal leaning - and I don’t speak for the rest of the band - veers toward Brexit being a huge backward step, but more a statement about how people can be united regardless of where they are born or where they live or their politics."

The band are at Rock City on May 6 next year.

Tickets are available from 9am on November 13 here.

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