Hucknall to stage unique love story, described as ‘a fantastic show’

A scene from the play, featuring actors Rhian McAleese and Tom Morley.
A scene from the play, featuring actors Rhian McAleese and Tom Morley.

A unique love story to challenge the very essence of human nature is the enticing offering at the John Godber Centre in Hucknall next month.

The Elemental Theatre Company is visiting the Ogle Street venue for its latest production, ‘Constellations’, written by Nick Payne.

And director Luke Gascoigne said: “This is a fantastic show. I have seen a lot of theatre, but never anything quite like this.

“The production is the company’s third of the year and while we love taking risks, this might just be our biggest risk yet.”

The play poses the question: what if you could fall in love again and again? It takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride across multiple, parallel universes as we experience the same couple falling in love repeatedly but, each time, in different circumstances.

That couple are quantum physicist Marianne, played by Rhian McAleese, and beekeeper Roland, played by Tom Morley.

Rhian, an 18-year-old actress in her first major role with the company, said: “It’s an analysis of human nature.

“It’s a clear demonstration of how we would react differently, depending on the situation, despite being fundamentally the same person.”

Marianne and Roland meet at a barbecue. Or was it a wedding? As the play continues, we see the same scenes played over, but with small, significant changes.

At one point, Marianne tells Roland she is having an affair. But then, in a reimagining of the same scene, Roland discovers Marianne’s affair before she has the opportunity to confess.

Rhian said: “The show has not been easy to rehearse. Its repetitive nature means we have to find new ways to keep the scenes interesting. That has been a lot of fun but also hard work.

“There is a lot of pressure because Tom and I are the only actors in the entire play. But because the characters go through so many changes, the audience will feel as if they’re watching 100 actors!”

‘Constellations’ can be seen on Friday, December 6 and Sunday, December 8 at 7.30 pm. Tickets, priced £5, can be bought at the John Godber Centre, on the door, or online at