Magician Ali Cook comes to Mansfield

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If you are a fan of horror films and the history of the occult or anything a bit creepy and weird then Ali Cook’s magic show is for you.

The well-known TV magician and comedian is performing at Create Theatre, West Notts College, on 19th July.

In Ali’s latest show, entitled The Art Of Astonishment, he attempts to re-create old legends from the ancient world before a live audience.

These include making a suit of armour come to life and conjuring up a snake with a woman’s head among others.

“It freaks people out and it is quite scary,” said Ali. “But it is like a horror film, which is a bit funny at the same time.

“The show is also a mix of stand-up comedy and sleight of hand.

“A lot of magicians try to be David Blaine or Derren Brown, but I am confident that nobody will steal my stuff - I am having suits of armour made.”

Ali said he hoped to put on a show with magic that audiences would see nowhere else.

“A few years ago I pulled the head off a chicken and the head off a duck and swapped them over,” said Ali. “Everyone loves that kind of stuff.

“It is the idea that in a horror film there is a twisted comedy to it all.”

And guests on the night can expect some truly strange spectacles.

Ali will attempt to recreate a conjuring trick from a cult in ancient Greece, where a snake with a woman’s head tells fortunes.

The magician will also show how the Knights Templar instilled fear in the middle ages by reenacting an animated suit of armour possessed by the devil.

Ali, a headliner on the British comedy circuit, first became interested in magic while spending time in his mother’s New Age book shop.

“When people came into have their taro cards read it was psychological more than anything else.

“I noticed how the majority of people were amazed by it all.

“And the same people who came into the shop selling books were the same people pushing magic books.

“My first one was card tricks and basically taught you how to cheat at cards.”

Ali sees himself as a performer more than anything else and takes real pleasure from connecting with audiences.

He added: “Sometimes it feels like a job, even though it is always a good show.

“But other nights something happens - there is something in the air.”

Tickets cost £7 in advance or £8 on the door.

To book a ticket or for more information visit