Fiddler April plays May concert

Internationally renowned Canadian fiddler and step dancer April Verch brings her UK and Ireland tour to Derby’s Robert Ludlam Theatre on Saturday, May 23.

The tour is being held to promote her new album The Newpart.

Fiddler, singer, and stepdancer April Verch knows how relevant an old tune can be. She grew up surrounded by living, breathing roots music - her father’s country band rehearsing in the “Newpart,” the beloved Verch family room; the lively music at church and at community dances; the tunes she rocked out to win fiddle competitions - and decided early she wanted to be a professional musician.

She took that leap, and has been quietly leaping into new, nuanced places for more than two decades. Moving from exuberant stepdancer to fiddle wunderkind and silver-voiced singer, Verch may still spend many a fond hour rehearsing in the Newpart, when at home and not on tour, but like tradition itself, she has never been content to stand still.

Verch said: “I’ve lived with these songs and tunes, and my job is to get out of the way and let them hit the listener.”

The show starts at 8pm. Call 01773 853428 for ticket information.