Join Josie as star performer appears at Deda

Josie Long
Josie Long

Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and cult optimist Josie Long is back on the road with her most personal show to date about love, family and being as outdoorsy as a bear.

Cara Josephine can be seen at Deda, based on Chapel Street in Derby, on Saturday, February 28.

In her seventh nationwide tour, and with a new niece in the picture, Josie reflects on her own childhood and the resilience of an older sister. She had never really truly known heartbreak until now, and she is using this experience to change her ways; to be more patient, to work out what she really wants and to become a better person. This is truly her most heartfelt, honest and revealing material, but don’t fret - Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg still get a mention...

In her last Fringe appearance in 2012, Josie received her third Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination, and at this 2014’s festival, she collected more stars than a small solar system and was officially cited the best reviewed comedy show.

Josie is renowned for writing about what she cares about and, although there has more recently been a political underlying to her material, she always has the ability to make her shows friendly and silly.

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