Kirkby Britain’s Got Talent singer Lucy Kay thanks Cantamus

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Kirkby opera singer Lucy Kay says she wants to win Britain’s Got Talent as a thank you to the choir which saved her from the bullying she endured as a young girl.

Twenty-five year-old Lucy is through to the final of the ITV talent show on Saturday after wowing judges with a performance of Nella Fantasia during the show’s semi-finals.

And the former Ashfield school pupil says being crowned the nation’s favourite will be the perfect tribute to Mansfield-based choir Cantamus, which helped her defeat fierce bullying at school and launch her towards stardom.

Singing, said Lucy, and more specifically Cantamus, gave her the strength she needed to get through difficult times.

“It was a sanctuary and saved me,” she added. “I miss Cantamus like mad and it was something I will never forget.

“Cantamus is the reason I am singing the pieces I do and I am going to dedicate the final piece to Pamela Cook.”

The former director of Cantamus, who sadly died last year, was instrumental in pushing Lucy to perform at the level she is now.

Lucy added: “She knew the ability I had to go and do something with my voice. She is the one reason I went to college, because I never thought I could do it.

“Pamela believed in me and helped me so much.”

As someone who has appeared singing on national TV with Cantamus on more than one occasion, you would think Lucy would be brimming with confidence, but the Kirkby singer admits she is actually a bag of nerves.

“As soon as I am stood on the stage without that backup I instantly feel uneasy, she said. “And I feel that way until halfway through, when I get into it and go into a bit of a trance.

“The song I will be performing for the final is an iconic dramatic Aria - it is a song that I will put all my feelings into.

“It is a very tragic song - which are the kind I really enjoy singing.”

Until the show’s final Lucy will go through a tough training regime with a voice coach to ensure she can sustain the big operatic tones she will need to make her Britain’s most talented.

You can catch the show on Saturday, 7th June at 7.30pm.