Meat Loaf Story still going strong

Steve Steinman as Meat Loaf
Steve Steinman as Meat Loaf

Twenty years after appearing on the popular TV show Stars in Their Eyes as American rock star Meat Loaf, Steve Steinman’s show about his life continues to play to sell out audiences across the country.

Also known for the hit musical show Vampires Rock, Steve is back at Mansfield Palace Theatre on Friday 7th February with a new version of The Meat Loaf Story.

Speaking to the Chad, he said: “I kind of do it in a way that’s not so much being a tribute, looking like him and dressing like him -it’s more about the music.

“We have a bit of fun - I put a wig on in one section - but it’s more singing the music and telling his story through the music.”

The show uses video projection screens featuring Meat Loaf to progress the story between songs and is a real visual spectacular.

And it is the lighting, staging and sound elements that Steve changes in order to keep the show fresh and the fans coming back for more.

“Because Meat Loaf has got such a massive back catalogue of songs, we can change songs quite frequently,” he said.

“The show develops as I develop as a singer but there is only so much you can change because it is about a man’s life and the music is the music.”

There are certain songs that of course the audience expect to hear, and the big hits such as Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Anything For Love and Bat Out of Hell, all feature.

Steve says that seeing the fans’ faces light up when he performs one of the favourites is one of the things he enjoys most about the show but he also particularly enjoys singing some of the slower songs.

“Meat Loaf has done some good stuff and it’s good to sing.

“I find it easy to sing as it’s in my range and if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

Steve Steinman’s fanbase has ‘built up and built up’ over the years and he said there are some people who go to see his shows time and again, as well as those who come for the first time.

“When people do come to see the show they never expect it to be that good,” he said.

“They have never heard of you, you’re not on the TV so they think that you’re not that good.”

Steve, who lives in Newark, said that The Meat Loaf story is often people’s first trip to the theatre as well as their first experience of a rock concert.

Said Steve: “Theatre is more accessible for everyone now and I think people just need to get out and they will be surprised of the quality that tours around.”

The Meat Loaf Story has been coming to the Mansfield Palace for about 14 years and Steve said that he always enjoys visiting the town - not least because it means he can go home and sleep in his own bed that night!

Tickets for the show cost £21.01 and are available from the Palace Theatre box office on Mansfield 633133.