Rockin’ all over the county

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With many bands, fans often talk about the period when they were at their height, after which it all went downhill.

But Francis Rossi, of boogie woogie rockers Status Quo, says there is no better time than the present.

The band, originally formed in southeast London in the early 1960s, had their first major hit in 1967 with Pictures of Matchstick Men.

Said Francis: “From then onwards we have had no fingernails left from just hanging on. There is always a danger that you can think you are important.

“But I am not into all that harkening back - my favourite time is right now.

“During those Hammersmith gigs for the Frantic Tour in the 1970s all I can remember is looking out at a load of lights. And personal hygiene was pretty awful in those days.”

The band will be appearing at Clumber Park’s Flashback Festival on 15th August.

As to what people can expect on the night, Francis said the following: “At Download Festival they asked ‘are you going to do anything different or special on the night?’

“The answer is no, we go out every night and do the best we can.”

Francis and the rest of Quo are in the middle of writing an album and will also be appearing at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena on 11th December.

They will be joined by legendary ‘Rockneys’ Chas and Dave for their UK tour in December.

Francis, who assumed the persona of a sandwich shop owner during the first part of the phone chat, said: “I am looking forwards to it because we have been after Chas and Dave for so long.

“For so many years we have heard so much about them not being cool, but people do not know who they are.

“Wait until they see how good they are. Chas is such a lovely man and he can do country style too.

“I love him singing in the cor blimey but I also love his country voice.”