Red Hot choices at city buffet

The Red Hot World Buffet
The Red Hot World Buffet

You know when you’re going out for a meal and your’re trying to decide where to go?

When someone says they fancy a Chinese, someone wants Thai, and someone else wants an Italian and there’s often someone who just likes English?

Well, there’s a place in Nottingham where all tastes can be accommodated.

The Red Hot World Buffet is that place.

It used to be elsewhere in Nottingham but recently moved to the lower floor at the Cornerhouse complex, across the road from the Theatre Royal.

It was a good place before it moved but Red Hot World Buffet in Leeds and Liverpool offered a bit more of a destination feel to them.

That all changed when it moved site in Nottingham. Now, when you arrive you get the feeling you’re in the depparture lounge of an airport.

You go downstairs to the spacious restaurant, arguably the biggest in the city, but if you have to wait for your table, there’s a bar halfway down to stop at.

Shown to your table, you order your drinks and it takes a matter of seconds to be told the concept. All you can eat. Food from all around the world, with special stations to stop at.

If you wanted to, you could have onion bhajis for starter, prawn toasts for a second starter, pizza or pasta (cooked to your taste) or a roast.

There’s also the Mongolian option too.

A few years ago there were Mongolian restaurants aplenty but not so much now.

Basically, you choose your meat and veg, noodles or beansprouts, spices and sauces and the chef cooks it on a huge circular hot plate.

That tends to be my favourite option. I know what I like and how I like it cooked.

The children like going round and choosing all manner of things. Four-cheese pasta is often a choice for one, while the other stacks his plate with Chinese food.

Desserts-wise, there’s a whole range of options. Small cakes, jellies, ice-creams and so on.

I tend to go for ice cream, with a little of the jelly, while my two boys tend to get the ice cream - again, and again.

Some might say that the all-you-can-eat buffets are a bad thing. But there are tasty, healthy options and the choice is yours.

I know a few people who go who are following diet plans and they choose carefully.

And that’s the beauty of it. You can choose what you want to eat and how much.

And it’s a concept that clearly works. It’s often busy at the Red Hot Buffet so booking is essential.