REVIEW: Midnight Tango came together like a spicy, hot tortilla


THERE are three great things Argentina is famous for - Eva Peron, polo and the tango.

On Monday night I was transported to a smoky bar in Buenos Aires to experience the Argentine dance with ‘Strictly’ stars, Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace in Midnight Tango.

Nottingham’s Theatre Royal provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate production enabling the audience to feel like we were almost invited to the party.

The simple set let the dancing do the talking as the cast flicked and kicked, twirled and flirted their way across the stage.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as an avid fan of the TV show and knowing the championship skills honed by Vincent and Flavia in this show-stopping specialist dance from Latin America, I doubted I would be disappointed.

And I wasn’t.

The perfect dance moves and intricate leg tapping as bodies became entwined before us translated a story of lust, jealousy and temptation.

There was also a sideline of rekindled love between bar owners Rosa and Carlos Cover that provided a comical interlude between the passion of the tango performers.

Music was provided by a traditional tango band on stage as though they were performing in the bar.

The violin, bass, drums and piano gave the show atmosphere and drama as the story unfolded through the raunchy routines.

Add to this the subdued lighting with significant spots and it all came together like a spicy, hot tortilla.

The last performance of Midnight Tango is this evening. For details visit