Here are 10 things you can look forward to doing when the pandemic ends

It is fast approaching a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in earnest – 12 months that have involved unprecedented restrictions being placed on everyday life.

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 12:41 pm
Fans cheer during a festival show. Picture: Gina Wetzler/Getty Images.

So many things people once did without a moment’s hesitation have been either off-limits or severely curbed to fight the worst public health crisis in living memory.

But there is hope on the horizon – vaccines are being rolled out and there are other factors which should, as an expert said this week, mean life will improve in 2021.

Here are 10 things that everyone can look forward to doing when the pandemic fades.

Matches have been played behind closed doors but top flight sport seems to lose some of its meaning without a big crowd cheering on the players. When the crisis is over, fans will be thrilled to fill stadiums again.

All pharmacies should be used as part of the vaccine programme as they are trusted, have the expertise and are local to every community. JPIMedia's 'Shot In The Arm' campaign calls for everyone to have the ability to get a jab within 10 minutes of their home by using our great pharmacy network.

When lockdown was first put in place last year it dawned on people that they wouldn't be able to get a professional haircut - some attempted a home cut, while others waited it out until salons reopened in summer. Since then it's been a little on-again, off-again - hopefully salons will soon be able to open again for good.
A consequence of efforts to tackle the pandemic has been the mass cancellation of weddings and other traditional celebrations. Once it is safe to do so, families can reunite to mark marriages and special birthdays in the way they deserve.
Many venues have been exemplary in putting measures in place to keep customers safe by maintaining social distancing and strengthening hygiene to stop the spread of Covid-19, but the limits on groups, and the rules people have had to follow, have taken some of the spontaneity out of a visit to the pub. When that returns, it will be welcome.
If you're a fan of gigs and music festivals, the past year has been disappointing - for understandable reasons, the pandemic has caused live events to be cancelled en masse. It is likely that audiences will turn out in their droves when it's safe to do so, and artists will be just as eager to tour again.
Coronavirus has highlighted just what a treat and a privilege it is to be able to jump on a plane and travel to a far-flung destination for an exciting holiday.
Restaurants, like the rest of the hospitality industry, have been hit hard by the pandemic - in Britain they even lost the crucial Christmas trading period in 2020. The prospect of a meal out with whoever people wish to dine with is something to look forward to.
Families and groups of friends will be elated and relieved when they can switch off Zoom, meet in person, and give each other a hug.
Single people, and couples who don't cohabit, have sometimes seemed forgotten through the course of the pandemic. The ability to go on dates again will be regained when the danger of coronavirus has lessened.
Saying farewell to lockdowns should give individuals more control over their lives which have been put on hold in many respects. The ability to make plans that can be kept and put dates in the diary will be a real boost.