REVIEW: Ross Noble show was definitely a Brain Dump

It wasn't until comedian Ross Noble left the stage at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall that there was a chance to take a breath and get to grips with the kaleidoscope of hilarious '” and sometimes bewildering '” scenarios that flowed from his imagination as part of his Brain Dump tour.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 23rd October 2016, 10:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:45 pm
Ross Noble

From grannies being dropped into the Large Hadron Collidor amid his envisaged version of the Swiss Dignitas clinic to a bizarre Winter Olympics look at ‘bedroom gymnastics’, this was a tour de force in crowd-pleasing and fast-paced action.

From the minute the Geordie hit the stage and latched onto a front-row member of the crowd with a pug-shaped handbag, the action was unrelenting — and repeatedly pug-related.

The audience interaction was wonderful, including with a 24-year-old woman he mistakenly thought was named ‘Beardsley’ — cue refences to former England and Newcastle United footballer Peter Beardsley.

Also fair game were a dreadlocked maths teacher, a man in the dress circle who made a series of tiny little plastic rabbits and a chap who turned up late because he had been at work — and when asked where he was working could only reply with “at work”.

The way in which Noble was able to improvise and run with an idea was astonishing.

During the show he declared: “I’m contractually obliged to carry an idea as far as I possibly can” — and boy did he fulfil that contract.

He ran with topics that started out as embryonic and ballooned into full-blown plots that would blow the mind if you dwelt on them for too long trying to fathom how we got from start to finish.

From teenagers snorting powdered spine to his own three-year-old ‘racist’ daughter who landed him in how water at a swimming baths because of her North-East/Australian accent.

Other subjects included cow-riding dressage, the altruistic leanings of Bono, Bruce Forsyth being made of bees, Olympic medallists and their pre-occupation with the word surreal — something they could only realise if their heads became carrots — and an unusual use for a dolphin’s blow-hole!

It’s hard to remember exactly what went on during a show set with a backdrop of giant screw-cap lightbulbs.

But there is no dount that while as bewlindering as Noble is he is certainly one of the brightest sparks on the higher rungs of the comedy circuit of this country, even if he had to apologise for peppering the front row with sweat as he repeatedly pushed his hair behind his ears!

A wonderful night, a wonderful show and definitely the sort of event that the phrase ‘laught a minute’ was made for.

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