The strange reality of being a student right now - Alone Together podcast

It's an academic year like no other for students (Photo: Getty)It's an academic year like no other for students (Photo: Getty)
It's an academic year like no other for students (Photo: Getty)

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On this episode we take a look at the return to universities for students.

What are their concerns about the new academic year? What will lectures look like under social distancing? And what do they feel needs to be done to support them?

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Matt Millard speaks with Joshua Williams, a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham and ex-president of the student union, to get a deeper perspective on the challenges that students are facing.

Dan McLaughlin speaks with Dr Carole O’Reilly, senior lecturer in media and cultural studies at the University of Salford, who has embraced the change and wants to avoid - in her words - ‘death by PowerPoint’.

Listen to the episode in full:

Dan and Matt also celebrate Journalism Matters Week, an annual campaign that highlights the important role that journalism plays in our society, as they discuss their favourite journalism moments of 2020 so far.

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Written and hosted by Matt Millard, Dan McLaughlin and Morven McIntyre. Produced and edited by Matt Millard.

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