Bulwell placed on Historic England's 'at risk' register

Bulwell has been placed on Historic England’s ‘at risk’ list, amid fears parts of the town’s heritage could fall into disrepair and disappear.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 5:41 pm

The town has been under protection as a designated conservation area for the past five years, with special planning rules in place to ensure historic buildings, structures and trees are protected.

Within this conservation area are several listed buildings and monuments which act as reminders of the town's past.

However, the several of these are now on the Government database of of areas and buildings which could be lost without repair.

The Dovecote is one example of Bulwell heritage buildings Historic England wants to protect. Photo: Google Earth

Aa a result, Bulwell has now been placed on the 'heritage at risk' register put together by Historic England and is currently described as ‘very bad’ although things are improving.

This will enable vital conservation work to carried out quickly to preserve the town’s heritage.

Bulwell councillors at Nottingham City Council say they are keen to support Historic England in preserving Bulwell’s past for future generations.

Coun Ethan Radford (Lab) said: “Bulwell has a rich historical heritage.

"You can see particular landmarks dotted about the town but specifically in the market.

"The demolitions of the 1950s and 60s took away quite a lot of the traditional buildings and changed the face of the town considerably, certainly during that time many local landmarks and sights of interest were lost much to the discredit of the town planners at the time.

"But we still have some sights of interest and since being elected in 2019 myself and my fellow councillors have worked hard to retain and improve the remaining sights of historical significance for the town.

"We’re working with officers from the councils heritage team to apply for bids that would allow us to breath new life into some of these buildings and give them new relevance to Bulwell.

"But working on old buildings of significant heritage is a delicate and costly job which we have to get right the first time round, it can’t be rushed.

"Properly revitalising these sites and buildings will offer something positive for the whole area, and by working with our heritage department we’re taking steps to ensure this happens.”

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