Britain’s dangerous driver hot spots named: the cities with the most 12-point offenders

Almost 8,600 drivers in Britain have 12 or more points on their licence, with one motorist racking up a staggering 68 penalty points.

New analysis of government data shows that more than 2.6 million drivers have at least one penalty point but more than 8,500 have enough points to be banned from driving.

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Usually, accruing 12 points on your licence leads to disqualification but the courts can choose to overrule this in “exceptional cases” and allow a motorist to continue driving.

The figures show that Birmingham is the country’s points capital, with 340 drivers with 12 or more points on their licence. It is well ahead of second place Liverpool, where 232 motorists have built up enough points to earn a disqualification.

Speeding remains the most common driving offence (Photo: Shuttestock)Speeding remains the most common driving offence (Photo: Shuttestock)
Speeding remains the most common driving offence (Photo: Shuttestock)

East London Sheffield, Peterborough, Manchester and Leeds also feature high on the list of shame compiled by Moneybarn, with between 174 and 185 offenders each.

UK postcodes with most drivers with 12+ licence points

  1. Birmingham - 340
  2. Liverpool - 232
  3. East London - 185
  4. Sheffield - 184
  5. Peterborough - 180
  6. Manchester - 176
  7. Leeds - 174
  8. Newcastle - 172
  9. Nottingham - 168
  10. Leicester - 165

At the opposite end of the scale are a number of remote Scottish areas with tiny populations. The Kirkwall and Outer Hebrides postcodes don’t have a single driver with 12 or more points while Lerwick on Shetland has one such offender. Scottish postcodes occupy seven of the top 10 postcodes for the fewest offenders, along with Llandrindod Wells in Wales, Central London and Sutton.

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While one driver in Birmingham is recorded as having 27 points and another in Liverpool has clocked up a shocking 60, it’s a Brighton driver who has collected the greatest number of points in the country with a staggering 68 points.

Licence endorsements or penalty points are handed out for a huge variety of offences, from using a phone while driving or having a bald tyre to drink-driving and driving without insurance. However, speeding remains the most common offence around the UK, with an average of 1.76 million speeding offences recorded in just England and Wales each year.