TAKEAWAY TEST: Viva cafe bar, 8 Regent Street South, S70 2HT, Barnsley. Tel: 01226 299978

THERE are few things worse than a weekend of home decorating. And few things better than breaking it up with lunch from Viva café bar.

It was somewhere between the second coat of paint and the first roll of wallpaper that we took a well-earned break and I sent my boyfriend down to the Barnsley café to pick up sandwiches.

Viva has been open for 18 months and has already earned a reputation as a lively yet cosy venue offering home-made ‘food with a difference’ in the town centre.

They have a great range of specials that changes daily and when my boyfriend returned, rather than the sandwiches I had been expecting, he came bearing a portion of home-made lasagna, with skinny fries and salad, and a portion of home-made cottage pie with steamed vegetables.

Both were fresh and, after a couple of minutes rewarming in the oven, were delicious. The lasagna was moist and the pasta perfectly cooked. The chips, which could so easily have been mushy, were perfectly crispy and hot. The cottage pie was delightfully homemade too and both portions were generous. It was as if we’d just whipped it all up ourselves in the kitchen!

I’ve eaten in at Viva a number of times and the food has always been fantastic, so I was delighted to see how well they handle takeaway service and impressed with the wide range of food offered.

With plenty of decorating still ahead of us, Viva may just become our regular Saturday lunch spot...

Takeaway Facts

Address: 8 Regent Street South, S70 2HT, Barnsley

Tel: 01226 299978

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 4pm. Closed Sundays. After Christmas opening hours will return to 10am to 3pm, then 5pm to 11pm.

Parking: On-street parking and several car parks available nearby

Menu: Good variety of breakfast food, burgers, sandwiches, steaks and vegetarian options, all fresh and home-made on site.

What we had: Home-made lasagna with fries and salad, home-made cottage pie with steamed vegetables

Price: At £6.95 per meal, this lunch was great value.

Services: Bookings or walk-ins, groups and children welcome, takeaway, free delivery option within town centre, catering, outdoor seating and private parties.

Verdict: Delicious. Real home-made food.

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