Are you taking part in the 22 Push Up Challenge?

Combat Stress #22PushUpChallengeCombat Stress #22PushUpChallenge
Combat Stress #22PushUpChallenge
The 22 push up challenge is the latest favourite craze on the Internet and we are looking for people in our area who are taking part.

And unlike the ice bucket challenge two years ago this one could actually be good for your health

People using social media are posting videos of themselves doing 22 press ups over 22 days to raise awareness of the effects of post traumatic stress on our service personnel and their families.

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The challenge started in military circles and has spread right across Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

With each video upload, participants nominate and tag someone else to do the same.

The project started in America to raise money and awareness for post-traumatic stress disorder. In the US an estimated 22 servicemen and women commit suicide every day as a result of suffering from mental health problems associated with their time in the military.

In the UK suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 45.

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Veterans’ mental health charity Combat Stress is backing the challenge Earlier this year it revealed that 6,004 people over the past year came seeking help for PTSD, depression or anxiety – a 13 per cent increase on the previous year.

Taking part in the #22PushUpChallenge is a great way to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health and PTSD, and at the same time make a donation to charity. Visit

Text PTSD22 to 70004 to give £5.

We are putting a call out to our readers to share photos and videos of them taking part in the challenge.