Ashfield heroes visit Westminster

Ashfield’s very own local heroes visited Westminster at a special reception hosted by the Leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband.

Quarrydale Academy headteacher John Crone, community campaigner Carol Rigby, from Westwood, and Michelle Noble and her law student daughter Jessie, from Sutton, attended the event to honour the achievements of unsung people from across the UK. 

Mr Crone is well respected locally for his work at Quarrydale and under his leadership the school has reported some of its best ever exam results.

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Speaking afterward he said; “It was a fantastic opportunity to meet real decision makers and for them to listen to our stories and our beliefs about what could make Britain better, I was proud as ever to represent Quarrydale.”

Carol Rigby is a tireless community campaigner who fought to get the pavement widened and a safety barrier put up outside Westwood Infant and Nursery School amid concerns it was only a matter of time before a child was seriously hurt in an accident.

Earlier this year Nottinghamshire County Council finally installed the new road safety measures after growing pressure. 

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero, who organisd the event described Michelle Noble as one of the bravest people she has ever met, after she waived her legal right to anonymity in order to talk openly about her fight for justice after she said she was raped by a police officer as a child more than 30 years ago. The case has now been reopened. 

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Michelle said: “I was nominated for being inspirational I suppose and for turning my life around. Everybody was absolutely lovely Everyone was down to earth, I didn’t feel i had to put on airs and graces.”

Ms De Piero added; “I was so proud to welcome them to Parliament and they truly deserved their place at the reception after everything they have done and fought for.”

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