Author hopes book will inspire and motivate

A New Houghton woman who was told by a teacher she was not clever enough has published a book about her quest to become one herself.

Christine Price (53) said she had been inspired to write the book, My Journey As a Teacher, Mentor and Coach, after realising her own school experience was far from unique.

“It was always one of my dreams to write a book,” said Christine.

“But, a maths teacher in particular did not cover my learning style and I was made to feel stupid and while working with students over the years I realised it happens to lots of people.

“In my case, I was always top of the class because our teacher would explain, then give examples followed by exercises and tests.

“But then I moved to the top set and the teacher just said get your books out and did not check any understanding.”

Christine worked in a number of administration and customer service roles before beginning her teacher training in 1987.

And she has been teaching disabled people employment subjects such as IT and administration for 25 years now.

She went on to worked as an educational consultant organising teacher training nationwide after being recognised for her good practice by Ofsted in 2004.

Said Christine: “Good practice is about the learner being able to learn and not the teacher just stood at the front teaching.”

My Journey As a Teacher, Mentor and Coach is available to buy at WH Smith, Amazon, and Waterstones.

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