Brave Beth’s legacy

A little girl’s legacy after dying from liver failure has inspired her sister to encourage others to be organ donors.

Rachel Bottomore’s younger sister, Beth Waring, died just a week before her 13th birthday in 2006.

This year she would have celebrated her 21st birthday and her siblings are urging people to become organ donors.

Rachel (28) now of Barker Street, Huthwaite, said: “It’s so important that people become organ donors as it could help save a person’s life.

“It gave Beth a chance.”

The Sutton Centre Pupil - who grew up in Stanton Hill, had been ill for about six weeks and was sent for tests in King’s Mill and then went on to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

It was revealed she had liver failure and needed a transplant. Within four hours a liver was available.

Rachel said: “Beth always had a great sense of humour and she said, ‘they have one already? George Best took longer waiting for his and he paid for his’

“That is just the way she was, a happy fun-loving person.”

She was given half of the liver as it had come from an adult - the other half was also given to another child.

Sadly her body could not cope with the transplant.

Rachel added: “It was terrible it really was. She was in a coma and we all got the call that we needed to go into hospital because the life support machine was going to be turned off.

“It was awful. The nurses and doctors did everything they could and we are so grateful.”

She is now urging people to become donors to give the chance of a life.

The family are holding a charity night to raise cash for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

It takes place on 7th November at Victoria WMC in Huthwaite.

There is a sponsored head shave, music, children’s face painting and food.

Visit to become a donor.