Brutal Sutton attack leaves man with metal plate in jaw

A man who was punched eight times as he walked home in Sutton has been left with a metal plate in his jaw.

The 24-year-old was walking along Alfreton Road when a man pulled alongside him in a silver car.

He got out of the passenger side and punched the victim eight times in the face.

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It happened at about 10.30pm on 23rd June between the Duke of Sussex pub and Mapplewells Inn and police are appealing for information from anyone who saw anything.

The man is described as about 6ft tall and had a tattoo on his neck. Although it is unclear what the tattoo depicts, it is believed it could be a name.

His victim was left with what he thought was bruising but a subsequent hospital visit saw him have to undergo surgery. He now has a titanium plate and eight screws in his jaw.

If you saw anything or have any information contact police on 101.

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