BULWELL: Woman assaulted after fun ‘pinch on the bottom’

A ‘pinch on the bottom’ led to a Bulwell man assaulting and abusing his long-standing girlfriend, a court was told.
Nottingham Magistrates' CourtNottingham Magistrates' Court
Nottingham Magistrates' Court

Marcus Denton (32), of Radley Square, was on a night out with his partner when he became angry about her ‘flirting’ with a male friend of his.

Lee Shepherd, prosecuting, told Nottingham Magistrates’ Court that Denton sent the friend to fetch her from the ladies’ toilets at an event at the Donington Park racetrack because she had been gone a long time.

“But when they came out, (she) pinched the man’s bottom for a bit of fun,” said Mr Shepherd.

“Denton saw this and it was the catalyst for what happened next.”

Arguing as they left the venue, Denton pushed the woman to the floor four times in the car park, said Mr Shepherd.

“He shouted abuse and called her a slag.

“She said she felt scared because he wouldn’t leave her alone.”

The woman got a taxi back to the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Nottingham, where the couple had booked a room for the night.

But when she got there at 3 am, Denton was waiting and continued to abuse her as they went to the room, where he assaulted her again.

Said Mr Shepherd: “He pushed her on to a sofa and hit her with one of his shoes, shouting: I’m going to batter you. He also damaged her electronic car key, worth £160.”

Denton originally pleaded not guilty to two charges of assault and one of criminal damage on Saturday 19th April. But he changed one plea to guilty after a Newton Hearing, and was found guilty of the other charges after a trial.

Appearing in court for sentence, he represented himself and revealed that he and the woman had now split up after a 15-year relationship.

“I regret my actions,” he said. “It was silly of me. I have lost my family and my home.

“I was not drunk. She was flirting, and I got a bit upset.

“It wasn’t one-sided, though. I was assaulted too. This was the first incident between us in 15 years. It won’t happen again.”

After reading a probation report on Denton and also character references, the magistrates sentenced him to 12-month community order. He must carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and attend an anger-management course.

Denton was also ordered to pay court costs of £620, plus compensation to Miss Horton of £260.