Car scratch man is placed under curfew

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A Mansfield man who deliberately scratched his neighbour’s £900 car ended up with a £400 repair bill.

Ian Brown, 53 of Cromwell Street was captured on CCTV as he keyed the door of the Peugeot 206 belonging to neighbour Tanya Hill, on May 5.

At Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday, District Judge Diane Baker heard Mr Brown had been involved in a feud with his neighbours and had vandalised the vehicle when he came home under the influence of alcohol.

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The judge said:”This was clearly deliberate damage which has ad an effect on the complainant who is expecting a baby.”

Brown fully admitted scratching the car but denied other damage caused to the £900 car which had been estimated at a total of £1719 to put right.

had admitted it was a stupid thing to do and he had mixed alcohol with medication he was taking after suffering a serious head injury.

He was ordered to pay £400 compensation placed under curfew for 10 weeks and issued with a restraining order not to contact the complainants .

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