Centre could be saved from closing down

The Lawrence Centre in Eastwood could be saved from closure, according to the town’s MP Gloria De Piero.
NEAA 07-08-12 BE 4 DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in EastwoodNEAA 07-08-12 BE 4 DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood
NEAA 07-08-12 BE 4 DH Lawrence Heritage Centre in Eastwood

The leader of Broxtowe Borough Council Richard Jackson has agreed to start working with organisations looking at offering grants to fund it.

Gloria organised a high profile meeting last Friday, December 4, between Cllr Jackson and and representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts

Council, Nottingham’s Unesco City of Literature bid team, DH Lawrence Society members and several other interested parties to discuss how to access enough funding to put a plan into place over the coming months.

Cllr Jackson has now agreed to start working with Gloria to see what can be done and has promised to meet again with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Arts Council over the next few weeks, as details for a funding bid start to get ironed out.

Gloria said: “This is the next step forward really - everyone is basically working to find a solution.

“We know public money is not available so we’re all working to get the lottery cash to map a way forward so that we can keep it open.

“It was a really positive meeting and I’m optimistic everyone has the same goal – to get some cash and some expertise on board.”

“I’m so grateful to everyone who gave up their time on Friday and also to the leader for listening.

There’s a long way to go yet and this is just the first step as we try to build a sustainable vision for the future.”

Broxtowe Borough Council announced at the end of September that there is no longer the funding to keep the centre open and it would have to close in March next year.

The centre was also threatened with closure a few years ago, but Nottingham University came forward with a grant to help fund it and keep it open.