Channel 5 documentary filmed at Manor Academy

The Oblong Films production company has visited The Manor Academy to film the school’s preparations for their Year 11 prom.

Students were filmed as they held a prom committee in which preparations for the prom were being made.

Both staff and students were interviewed as part of a documentary that will air on Channel 5 in the near future.

The Manor is one of a few schools in the UK taking part in the documentary which aims to give people an insight into prom culture in the UK.

Oblong films has previously made some of the television’s best known programmes for broadcasters including the BBC amongst others.

Some of their previous documentaries include The Truth About Hospital Food and The Naked Rambler.

The company chose to follow The Manor Academy’s prom after Year 11 student, Shannon Collingham, contacted them requesting the company to film their prom.

Since then, the cameras have been to Shannon’s home and out shopping with her to buy prom accessories.

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