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The Christadelphians

By Debra Guy
Saturday, 22nd March 2014, 9:20 am
Community News
Community News

Last Sunday week at the Church of the Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Malcolm Storer chose John Ch.3, v.16, ‘Whoever believes and is baptised, shall be saved’. He emphasised the word ‘Whoever’, includes anyone who believes. Luke Ch.7, introduced his second talk entitled ‘Deny yourself for Jesus, take up your cross and follow him. The organist was John Bennett, and George Sobcynski was the steward and president for the day. The Wednesday morning Tots and Toys group was supervised by Margaret Bennett. The toddlers enjoyed playing in the ball pool and with big play toys. They also put together jigsaw and painted. The Bible Class was led by Darren Bakewell, whose introduction was a study on God’s creation. He gave a reading from Genesis and John Ch.1, ‘Jesus is Lord and God has set a day for his return, to establish peace on earth’. At Monday’s Craft Crazy, plans and ideas exchanged. For further details, contact Denise Sobcynski on 07435562077.

Trinity Methodist

Last Wednesday morning, the Toddler group met in the schoolroom, followed by the Bright Hour, chaired by Mrs Joan Walters. The speaker was Miss Anne Griffiths who spoke on a Lenten theme. Miss Anne Griffiths was the organist. In the evening, the youth group Engage met. On Tuesday evening, the Church Council held a meeting. The youth group React met on Thursday evening. Last Friday evening, the Rupert group met at the home of Mr and Mrs R Walters, for Lenten studies, led by the Rev Rodney Warden. On Sunday morning, the preacher was Mr Colin Baird. The stewards were Mrs Anne Clayton and Mrs D. Brown. Mr David Richards was the organist. The Fellowship group met at the home of Mrs Mary Marsh, and was led by the Rev Arthur Spencer on the Lenten theme.

Peafield Community

The service last Sunday week was conducted by Jean Ball, from the Methodist circuit. The Bible readings were given by Margaret Munro and Beryl Blagg. Margaret Munro led the prayers. The refreshments were served by Bill and Beryl Blagg.

St Chad’s Church

The 8am Holy Communion service was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener.

Triangle Health Group

Twenty-one members attended last Thursday week’s meeting, held at Turner Hall lounge. Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions and Sheila Evans recorded personal weights. Joan Davies chaired the meeting. Pauline Shaw, organised and led the chair assisted exercise. Ursula Akrill, project manager for Heritage Link, was the speaker for the morning. Based at Mansfield Woodhouse Library, Ursula spoke about her work and the displays, encouraging people to go and have a look. The refreshment hostesses were Jean Lilley and Irene Bacon, and the raffle winner was Madge Cornell.