COMMUNITY NEWS - Eakring and Bilsthorpe


By Sandra Burrows
Saturday, 22nd March 2014, 8:32 am
Community News
Community News

St Andrew’s Church

Worship for All service on Sunday week was led by lay reader Heather Brown, who led prayers and preached. Lesson readers were Margaret Coupland and Malcolm Goodall. Organist was John White. Refreshments were served afterwards by Sue Wilson and Malcolm Goodall. St Andrew’s Church bell ringing team played before and after the service. St Andrew’s is a ‘warm and welcoming’ church and would love new people to come along to its services, held every Sunday at 9.30am.


Over 50s Club

Vice-chairman Marion Towle welcomed 39 members to Wednesday week’s meeting at the welfare. Dance MC was John Cordon and bingo caller was Alan Higgins. Refreshments were served by Marion Sentence. Members joined in a horse racing-themed game arranged by Marion Sentence, Katie Towle and Becky Kemp. A general knowledge themed game, arranged by Bill Lamb, was won by Connie Charlesworth, Winners of the chocolate dance were Wilson Bryan and Brenda Wilderspin. Twenty-one members won raffle prizes, winners were Jill Olley, Brenda Wilderspin, Heather Fell, Ruth Vardy, Fred Brown, Connie Roberts, Jean Jarvis, Alan Higgins, Joan Jones, Christine Benn, Marion Sentence, Jan Jones, Connie Charlesworth, Jean Higgins, Sheila Cordon, Les Bunting, Jacqueline Brown and Hazel Bryan.

Short Mat Bowls

Six members attended the session held on Thursday week in the Village Hall. Winner of the raffle prize was Geoff Hutchinson.

Green Centre

Fourteen members were welcomed to Tuesday week’s meeting, Raffle winners were Dot Johnson and Evelyn Dunn. Eighteen members were welcomed to Friday weeks meeting. Raffle winners were Phyllis Salmon and Maureen Jorden. Refreshments were served by committee member Celia Smith who also called bingo numbers for both sessions.

Burton Court Centre

Chairman Sandra Morton welcomed 12 members to Tuesday week’s meeting. Raffle winners were Mavis Smith and Sheila Hall. Twenty-one members were welcomed to Thursday week’s meeting. Raffle winner was Sandra Morton. Refreshments were served by committee members and helpers. Bingo callers for both sessions were Sandra Morton and Ann Hutchinson.

St Margaret’s Church

Holy Communion service onSunday week was led by the Rev Richard Seymour – Whiteley, who led prayers and preached .Hospitality greeter was Jacqueline Brown. Readers were Tony Cumberlidge and Nan Devonport. Elements were taken up to the altar by Jenny Elston and Mark Beaser, and Iolen Harding helped with distribution. The offertory was taken by Jacqueline Brown. Sunday school activities were supervised by Sandra Burrows, assisted by Harrison Beaser. The theme was help us to be kind and willing to share, and members did a play. Refreshments were served by Sandra Burrows helped by Sienna Stokoe. Organist was Derek Reaney.