Controversial kids’ home plan rejected

A controversial planning application to open up a children’s home in Nuthall has been refused.
1a Roland Avenue, Nuthall.1a Roland Avenue, Nuthall.
1a Roland Avenue, Nuthall.

The planning committee at Broxtowe Borough Council rejected the application in Roland Avneue on the grounds that the increase in traffic would attract too much noise and distuirbance in the street.

Committee members said there would be a ‘significant’ number of people visiting the home each day and there was inadequate off street parking.

Nuthall councillor Philip Owen was fiercely against the proposals, concerned about the teenagers’ ‘problematic behaviour’.

He said the plan ‘crass stupidity’ was ‘totally inappropriate’.

“Calling it a children’s home was hiding the fact that it was a home intended for socially, emotionally and behaviourally disturbed children.

“It’s those that have a history of drug taking, youth offending and absconding.

“To put children into a home with a history of absconding near to the motorway beggars belief. It’s crass stupidity,” added coun Owen.

Cllr Owen said there had already been problems with drug taking in the underpass at the Nuthall Island roundabout and the home would only have been a ‘magnet’ for further problems.

Local residents were also concerned about the facility devaluing their homes.

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson voted in favour of the home at the planning meeting.

He said: “A similar home in Chesterfield had apparently worked very well. I asked for some further information, and the committee denied the request.”

Plans for the home were rejected back in March due to massive public objection. They were re-submitted in July.

The world’s largest security firm G4S was behind the application.