Council grass cutters take to the road for the first time this year

With the arrival of British Summer Time last weekend and temperatures getting warmer, Nottinghamshire County Council’s grass cutting teams take to the roads on Monday for the first time this year.

In Ashfield and Mansfield, as part of a review of the County Council’s environmental maintenance programme over the next three years, the grass cutting and weed spraying will be done by the district/borough councils.

Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for cutting more than 5,000 kilometres of grass verge, with grass cutting taking place from April to the end of September – and if needed into October, depending on the weather.

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In towns and villages grass verges are cut five times within the season, including strimming around obstacles -- such as benches and signposts.

For highway verges between towns and villages the council cuts the grass twice with two additional cuts to maintain visibility at road junctions, allowing motorists a clear view in all directions.

For rural cuts the council uses tractors fitted with metre-long side arm flails whilst in urban areas the task is done using sit-on mowers with flails which are a lot more manoeuvrable. Mower blades for both urban and rural are set to a height of two and a half inches.