Anger after discarded needles found in Hucknall park

Hucknall residents have reacted angrily after a number of discarded needles were found near the skatepark and children’s park.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 1:25 pm

Town resident Grace Brown said her niece discovered the grim scene on Wednesday afternoon and took photos of them.

Grace then posted the pictures to the Hucknall People’s Community Facebook page and warned people to to be careful.

She later posted that she had called the police, who told her they would send someone immediately to clean them up.

Discarded needles were found near the children's play area at Titchfield Park. Photo: Grace Brown

But the fact the needles had been dumped there in the first place, drew a strong reaction from local residents with many simply saying it was ‘disgusting’.

Jennifer Fox asked: “What is Hucknall coming to?”

Linda Smith asked: “Why would they leave them near where children would play?”

Bernadette Oakland said: “Oh my goodness, that's absolutely terrible.”

Donna Howard posted: “OMG, what is wrong with these scruffy people?”

Jade Clare wrote: “I saw a needle in the bushes near the small kids park a few weeks ago, luckily my little boy didn’t touch it. It’s getting worse.”

And Nicola Butler said: “That is absolutely disgusting! Where are the park people that look after the place? Surely they should be on top of this?”

That point was also brought up by Kev Hill, who posted: “I think it would have been better for Titchfield Park to have permanent groundskeeping staff like it used to, and CCTV in communal areas to deter anti-social behaviour. It is the biggest park in town and deserves the investment.”