Dad of teenager 'throttled' in Hucknall's Titchfield Park attack says same gang continue to threaten him and friends

The father of a teenage boy attacked and ‘throttled’ in a Hucknall park in August says the gang responsible are still continuing to victimise his son and his friends.

Friday, 1st October 2021, 1:11 pm

Alfie Smith, 13, was subjected to a horror attack in Titchfield Park when he was set upon by a gang of boys, one of whom tried grabbed him round the neck while others filmed it on their phones.

The attack only stopped because a passer-by intervened.

Alfie’s parents went to the police and reported the incident and spoke exclusively to the Dispatch.

Alfie Smith was 'throttled' during an attack at Titchfield Park and same gang continues to threaten him

But far from stop the problem, Alfie’s dad Paul says things have escalated with the gang of boys continuing their reign of terror.

Paul said: “They’re wannabe gangsters this lot, they have absolutely no fear of the police or the authorities.

"Not long after the park attack, Alfie and his friends were in McDonald’s and this gang came in and wanted Alfie’s friend to get him outside so they could attack him.

"They then went outside and started jumping up and down on the lad’s bike.

"Alfie’s mum and the other lad’s dad arrived to pick them up and the gang just subjected them to a torrent of verbal abuse.

"The next incident came back in Titchfield Park when Alfie and his friends were at the skate park and this gang approached and allegedly said they were going to stab one of the boys.

"Then last week, Alfie’s friend and his mum were out in the town and this gang came up again, all wearing black balaclavas and wanting to fight.

"It’s got to the point now where Alfie and his friends are scared to go to school.”

Inspector Mark Dickson, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We are actively investigating reports of an assault on a 13-year-old boy, criminal damage to another 13-year-old boy’s bike and threats made towards them both by another group of boys.

“We take all reports involving violence and threats of violence seriously and our enquiries are ongoing into these reports.

“As part of our enquiries officers have interviewed a 12-year-old boy under caution in relation to the assault allegations and three other boys have also been identified and will be spoken to regarding these matters as we continue with our investigation.”

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