Hucknall councillors welcome police action against biker menace

Two Hucknall councillors have welcomed action to catch off-road bikers who have caused damage to Nabbs Lane Park.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 5:25 pm

Last Sunday, Nottinghamshire Police’s off-road bike was deployed across Hucknall to try and catch offenders and will be deployed again this weekend.

Councillors Lee Waters and David Shaw, who both represent Ashfield Independents on Ashfield District Council, visited the park after receiving complaints from dozens of families.

Coun Shaw said, “These idiots are putting the lives of Hucknall families at risk.

Councillors Lee Waters (left) and David Shaw inspect the damage left by off-road bikes on Nabbs Lane Park

"They drive like maniacs in our parks and this is an accident waiting to happen.

"I welcome the fact that the police are taking proactive action.

"What is needed is a longer term plan how to deal with these irresponsible people.

"I hope that anyone caught will see their bikes confiscated and destroyed.”

Both men went to see the damage at Nabbs Park and, after seeing it, contacted the police.

In response to their request, police confirmed that they would be taking action over successive weekends.

Coun Waters said, “I take my six-year-old son to Titchfield Park and it’s frightening to hear and see these bikes.

"I live right next to the park on Morven Avenue and can hear them night and day.

"I would ask residents to report any sightings of them to the police by calling 101.

“The bikers are ruining our parks, churning up our plush grass but more importantly they are putting the lives of families at risk.

"During successive lockdowns, the popularity of our parks rocketed – unfortunately, so did the amount of off-road bikes.

“People in Hucknall shouldn’t be put off using our parks by these lawless individuals.”