More than 30 drivers caught as police crack down on M1 speeders at Hucknall junction

More than 30 speeding drivers on the M1 were caught by an Ashfield Police operation at junction 27 of the M1 at Hucknall on Sunday night (October 10).

Monday, 11th October 2021, 6:50 pm

Officers from the Kirkby-in-Ashfield beat team, along with two of the speed camera enforcement team were operating throughout the evening and into the night at the location and 34 tickets were issued for those caught breaking the speed limits.

In addition, several drivers were also moved on from the area.

Posting on their Facebook page, Ashfield Police said: “We have heard it all, ‘I needed to get home because’, ‘I am running late for’, ‘Oh, I was speeding, I didn't realise.’

Police were operating at junction 27 of the M1 for Hucknall. Photo: Nottinghamshire Police

"There is a speed limit for a reason, it is not just yourself you have to think about when you are driving fast, its other innocent road users you are also putting in danger.

"We are aware of the issue in the area and will continue to police it whilst it is still ongoing.”

The crackdown comes after Ashfield District Council extended the public spaces protection order (PSPO) for a further three years prohibiting car cruising on land at junction 27 of the M1.

The order is in place to stop those driving at excessive speed, aggressive acceleration, stunts including drifting and wheel spins, playing loud music, driving in convoy and sounding horns.

The local policing teams are continuing to target the area after concerns were raised and are encouraging people to abide by the speed limits and think about the safety of other drivers.

Sergeant Olivia West, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We recognise the issue of speeding and car cruisers and are proactively targeting the areas which seem to be a favourite haunt for reckless drivers.

“We often find these vehicles drive off at speed after spotting the police which also puts other road users at risk.

“There is never an excuse for speeding and we will do everything in our power to stop reckless drivers and keep other road users safe.

“And we will prosecute those found to be driving recklessly or in an anti-social manner and their vehicles could also be seized.”

Coun Helen-Ann Smith, cabinet member for community safety and crime reduction, said: “The car cruising restriction has proved successful in the past three years at tackling car cruising and associated behaviours and we will continue to review our orders to ensure we have additional powers to tackle these types of problems.

“Car cruising is dangerous, not just for those involved but members of the public using the roads safely.

"The PSPO acts as a warning to those that think its ok to act in this anti-social way, we will not tolerate lives being put at risk and fixed penalty notices will be issued to those caught.

“As a council we pride ourselves on listening to residents and finding solutions to issues that negatively impact peoples’ lives.

"This is just another example of this.”

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