Police break up Bulwell gathering of more than 200 people following anti-social behaviour complaints

Police broke up a large gathering of car enthusiasts in Bulwell as they dealt with complaints of anti-social behaviour from members of the public.

Wednesday, 30th June 2021, 11:53 am

Around 100 cars and up to 200 people gathered for an organised meeting in Sellers Wood Drive in Bulwell from around 9.15pm last Sunday, June 27.

Reports were received of inconsiderate and dangerous driving, with vehicles causing issues for other road users and local residents.

Officers arrived and dispersed the group, sending the drivers on their way.

Police broke up the gathering after reports of anti-social behaviour
Police broke up the gathering after reports of anti-social behaviour

Police also attended after a small number of drivers were reportedly seen racing around the Blenheim Industrial Estate, in Bennerley Road in Bulwell, at about 9.45pm last Saturday, June 26.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Oliver Chadwick, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We understand people’s passion and desire for wanting to meet, admire each other’s vehicles and come together but what we do not condone is anti-social behaviour causing misery for local people and dangerous and irresponsible driving on our roads which puts the safety of other road users at risk.

“We received reports from people concerned about the manner in which these vehicles were being driven and we took positive action in response to those concerns by attending and dispersing the groups involved.

“Local residents affected by this anti-social behaviour at the weekend have families and have to go to work which is why we would always urge people organising and attending these sort of events to act responsibly and within the law and think about the consequences and impact of their actions.

“We’d also remind them that there are still restrictions on large gatherings due to Covid-19 which is still prevalent in our communities. With any large meeting, there is always the risk of spreading the virus and putting the safety of others at risk.

“We will take enforcement action if gatherings taking place are unsafe for participants and the wider public and those driving antisocially may find themselves prosecuted and having their cars seized.”

Police say dispersal order powers can and will be used against those that gather and act anti-socially at hotspot locations across the county.

The orders allow officers to order people from an area without having to arrest them – allowing them to break up gatherings more quickly and take enforcement action in response to anti-social behaviour.