Story of Bestwood Village woman's shocking murder re-told on TV series now showing on Netflix

The harrowing story of the events that led up to the death of a Bestwood Village woman is being TV documentary series that is now being shown on Netflix.

Monday, 17th January 2022, 10:38 am

Thirty-year-old Faye Caliman, a mother of three, was stabbed to death by her husband back in 2018.

She was treated by paramedics at the time, but died at the scene.

Her Romania husband Marian – know as Mario – was later jailed for 19 years for her murder after admitting killing her.

Faye Caliman's story features in My Lover My Killer which is now being shown on Netflix

At the time, he told police in interview that he had flipped following a domestic argument and stabbed his wife.

It emerged in court that Marian also filmed Faye on his mobile phone in her final moments as he brandished a knife while she pleaded for her life, before stabbing her several times.

He had also previously been violent towards Faye and had been unable to accept he could not control every part of her left when she found the courage to leave him.

Caliman initially pleaded not guilty to the murder charge before later changing his plea.

The chilling story features in the series My Lover, My Killer, and the episode featuring Faye was originally shown on 5Star last June.

Now, the tragic tale is available on Netflix where the series is now being streamed.

The programme features contributions from Faye’s family and friends, as well as experts from the police, legal and medical professions.

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Story of Bestwood Village woman's shocking murder re-told on TV series