Derbyshire woman arrested in Malaysia over nude pics is “scared and very upset”

A Derbyshire woman blamed for triggering an earthquake in Malaysia by allegedly posing naked on a sacred mountain is said to be “scared and very upset”.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11th June 2015, 12:40 pm
Eleanor Hawkins.
Eleanor Hawkins.

Eleanor Hawkins, 23, is part of a group of tourists who have been arrested after photos emerged of them allegedly stripping naked on Mount Kinabalu on May 30.

A few days later, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake occurred nearby, killing 18 people and leaving hundreds more stranded.

Sabah state deputy chief minister Joseph Pairin Kitigan has now blamed the earthquake on the tourists for showing “disrespect to the sacred mountain”.

Eleanor’s father Timothy Hawkins said: “We spoke to her. She’s OK, she’s very scared, she’s very upset.

“She’s been arrested. It’s not a situation she’s been in before so it’s not good. We’ve talked to the consulate and arranged a lawyer.”

The aeronautical engineering graduate from Derby, is currently waiting to hear if she will be prosecuted.

Mr Hawkins has said his daughter is “obviously in the photos” but added that he didn’t want the situation to be “blown out of all proportion”.

“It’s fair enough to charge for the misdemeanour committed,” he added. “What we don’t want is her lumbered with further charges.”

Eleanor’s lawyer Ronny Cham said: “Everything is awaiting now for the police to do the investigation and as to when they will charge her or whether they will charge her, we do not know. Nobody knows.

“When they are ready to charge her, I think they will let me know. They are remanded for four days, which is up until Saturday.”