Drink driving dad overturned his van in Mansfield Woodhouse crash while trying to help unwell wife

Mansfield Magistrates Court.Mansfield Magistrates Court.
Mansfield Magistrates Court.
A dad from Mansfield Woodhouse admitted to drink driving and crashing into a parked car, leaving him in a turned over van at the roadside.

Michael Drury, 34, of Dunn Brigg, was found to have consumed so much alcohol that he was over the legal limit when he flipped a van on Old Mill Lane on April 5.

The van also hit a car belonging to Old Mill Lane car shop GH Motors, which wrote it off, a court heard.

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The self-employed joiner also pleaded guilty to being uninsured on the Nissan van, which belongs to the person he was working for.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard how Drury had been out with his wife and children in the Clipstone area all day and he had had a few drinks.

Lisa Morris, prosecuting, told the court how his wife had suddenly started to feel unwell so he went back to get her things.

She said: “Although he had been drinking he thought he would be below the legal limit.

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She said he swerved the van on Old Mill Lane, causing him to skid off the carriageway and hit the car before flipping onto its side.

A nearby road sign was also found to be “totally destroyed”, according to Ms Morris.

The road conditions were said to have been dry at the time of the incident, which took place around 5.10pm.

“Drury was temporarily distracted and lost control of the vehicle,” she added.

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Drury was helped out of the vehicle by passing motorists and the fire and rescue service.

It was then heard how the police tested Drury’s alcohol levels at the roadside and found him to be over the limit.

Drury, who had held a clean license until the incident, was taken straight to King’s Mill Hospital with a broken arm from the collision.

Defending himself in court, Drury said: “I regret what I did - I shouldn’t have done it.”

He claims to have been in touch with the owners of GH motors and has agreed to pay for the damaged property.

Drury was given a 12 month driving ban and ordered to pay £215 to the court.

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